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Plastic Cup Plastic Cup

5 oz, white, ps material, roll edge, 148ml, 3g- Bag of 50

Our Price: $1.79
Surgical Aspirator Tips Surgical Aspirator Tips

Surgical Aspirator Tips, Bag of 25

Our Price: $2.49
Disposable Impression Tray (Multi-Colored) Disposable Impression Tray (Multi-Colored)

ABS Material - Bag of 12

Our Price: $2.59
Saliva Ejector Saliva Ejector

Slow speed suction, clear tube with blue tip, bag of 100

Our Price: $2.99
Evacuator Ejector Tips Evacuator Ejector Tips

High Speed Evacuator, Vented and Non Vented - Bag of 100

Our Price: $3.99
Pre Bent Needle Tip Pre Bent Needle Tip

Bag of 100

20 gauge - Yellow
21 gauge - Black
22 gauge - Grey

Our Price: $4.59
Micro Tip Applicator Micro Tip Applicator

Dental Micro Applicator, Bendable neck, Non-absorbent, Non-lint fibers - Bag of 100

Our Price: $4.99
Gauze Sponge Gauze Sponge

Disposable, 100% High-Purity Dental Cotton All-Gauze Sponge , Non-Sterile , Fold Edge, Bag of 200

Our Price: $4.99
Cotton Tip Applicator Cotton Tip Applicator

100% Cotton Bud Cotton Tipped Applicator 3" Bamboo Cotton Buds Wooden Stick - Bag of 100

Our Price: $5.79